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[SOLD] Joe Balickie custom Winchester Model 12, his wife’s personal Trap gun!
Collectors, here is a chance to own a fine piece of history! If you know custom gun work you know the renowned stock maker Joe Balickie. Joe retired about 14 years ago and is now selling a couple of h...
[SOLD] Kimber 84M Select Grade no longer made 338 Federal in box!
Collectors and hunters, this is a beautifully stocked Kimber 84M Select Grade. The stock has beautiful grain and oil finish. It is in as new condition in original box with all papers. If ever fired I ...
[SOLD] Kimber Classic 84M 7mm-08 as new!
This is Kimber Classic 84M in the hard to find 7mm-08. It is near new with no marks of note. It will make a high end hunting gun and is a Shooting Investment. Shipping and insurance is $30 or $18 more...
[SOLD] Kimber of Oregon early Model 82 as new 22 LR
Rimfire collectors and shooters, this is an as new early Kimber Model 82. It is the original Kimber of Oregon. This 22LR will make a nice addition to your collection or be a high end and accurate rimf...
[SOLD] Kimber of Oregon Model 82 SuperAmerica 22 LR NIB!
Collectors, this is a rare chance to buy a new and unfired Kimber SuperAmerica 82. This is a Clackamas, Oregon made Kimber. It is new, unfired in original box with all papers. You will look a while to...
[SOLD] Kimber of Oregon Model 89 BGR 339 Win Mag
This is an excellent condition Kimber of Oregon. Model 98 Super Grade in 339 Winchester. It has been lightly used and will make a high end big game rifle. It has beautiful wood. The cost on a new equi...
[SOLD] Krieghoff K-80 K80 Trap combo 32 double and 34in unsingle near new
This is a beautiful and as new Krieghoff Combo trap gun. It comes with 32 in forward ported barrels and a 34 in single barrel or unsingle. Comes with case and all accessories as shown. It is shown wit...
This K-80 Krieghoff comes with its full set of factory sub-tubes in case. It has very nice wood grain and some use as seen. I am selling this on consignment as such lay-a-way can’t be used. It does of...
[SOLD] Manhatten Navy 1864 percussion 36 caliber revolver
This is a very nice and original Manhatten Navy with 6 1/2in barrel. These are 36 caliber percussion revolvers. This one is serial number 61546 and was made between April 1864 and June 1867. I am sell...
[SOLD] Marlin 1885 G Guild Gun 45-70 Exc Cond
This is a hard to find Marling Guild Gun in 45-70. It is in excellent condition. It has a short 19in barrel making it perfect for hunting in thick cover. I use the same gun for bear. Shipping and insu...
[SOLD] Marlin 1885 XLR 45-70 Stainless JM stamped!
Collectors, shooters and big game hunters, this is an earlier Marlin 1885 Stainless in 45-70. It is in excellent condition and JM stamped. . I am selling this one on consignment and as such lay-a-way ...
[SOLD] Marlin 1885GS Stainless 45-70 North Haven gun as new!
Collectors and hunters, this is a near new Stainless 1885GS in 45-70. It is an older North Haven Ct gun. It has a reap peep site with different apertures. It can be removed if you want to use the fact...
[SOLD] Marlin 322 Varmint King 222 Sako Riihimaki Exc Cond!
Marlin and Sako collectors, this is an early Marlin 322 Pre-Varmint King in 222 Remington. This is a Sako pre-Garcia action and Micro Grove barrel. This gun is all original and in very good condition....
[SOLD] Marlin Model 94
[SOLD] Marlin Model 94
Inventory #: 13-937
This is an original Marlin Model 94. Is is well used as seen. I am selling it for the 80 year old grandson of the original owner. I am selling this on consignment and as such lay-a-way can’t be used. ...
[SOLD] Remington 1100 12 Ga Skeet T Exc Cond XX Wood!
Collectors, look at the wood on this Remington 1100! It doesn’t get any better and this is a hard to find Skeet T 12 gauge with 26in VR Skeet barrel. It is in near new condition with no marks of note ...