Consignment & Estate Sales

Consigning your firearms with Shooting Investments:


Many people have asked us over the years to help them sell their firearms. Most dealers charge 15% or more to consign a gun. At your local gun shop it might take months to sell. Selling on-line provides instant access to thousands of interested buyers. If it is properly priced, it will sell in a week or two.

The key to getting the most for your firearm is to provide an honest description and take good clear pictures of it.

We only charge 10% with a minimum of $50 for consignment. Included in this are all the fees paid to the website it sells through. (usually about 3%) Your only expense is the cost to ship it to us. We do not require you ship long guns through your local dealer. They can be shipped directly to us after we provide a copy of our FFL. For larger estates and collections we can arrange pickup of your firearms.

Upon receiving your firearm we inspect and clean it. We agree on the listing price and take pictures, edit them and post them on 4 websites: Our's, Gunbroker, Gunsamerica and Gunsinternational. We sell about 1/4 of our listings on each.

We always give the buyer a 3 day inspection and ship items carefully packaged and fully insured. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks after a buyer is found for us to receive payment, get the item shipped and allow an inspection period. Once the inspection period is complete or the buyer indicates they are pleased with their purchase your proceeds from the sale will be sent to you.

It is easy and we've sold many guns for others. If you are selling a gun to buy one of ours, we put the one you want aside until your sells.

Let us know if I can help and thanks again for your interest.

Purchasing Your Firearms:

We are always looking for quality firearms to add to our collection and to sale. If you would prefer selling your firearms outright rather than consigning it, we will buy it. We will give a fair price for your firearms. It is usually much more than a local gunshop will offer. I recommend you get a quote from your local dealer before calling us so you can compare our offer.

Estate Attorneys, Executors and Auction Houses:

Many estates include firearms. Some can have substantial value. It's important that an experienced Gun Dealer assist with the sale on behalf of the Estate. In addition to the increased laws and regulations surrounding firearms, the value of older guns can vary greatly. In addition to our experience with pricing modern and vintage firearms, our on-line sales channels provide instant access to thousands of buyers.

Please call us to discuss how we can help with the sale of Estate Firearms.