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1945 Springfield Armory M1 Garand 30-06 Collector Condition!
Collectors, this is top collector condition M1. It was made in April of 1945. I see no detractions. It comes with period ammo and bayonet as shown. It will make a prized addition to your collection. I...
Anschutz 1415-1416 22 LR Exc Cond!
This is an excellent condition Anschutz 1415-1416. The blue is about new and the wood close with only a couple minor marks. It comes with one magazine and the front and rear sites have been removed. T...
Anschutz 1515-1516 22 Magnum Exc Cond!
This is an excellent condition Anschutz 1515-1516. The blue is about new and the wood close with only a couple marks. It comes with one magazine. The wood is a nice darker color with nice grain. I am ...
Anschutz 1717 17 HMR as new nice wood!
This is an as new Anschutz 1717, 17 HMR. The wood has much better figure than most. Both blue and wood are as new. If fired, not more than a few rounds. This will make a nice addition to your collecti...
Anschutz Model 1502 17 .17 HM2 new and unfired!
Collectors and shooters, this is a new and unfired Anschutz 1502 in 17 HM2. It comes with original Styrofoam insert with end label serialized to gun and all papers and accessories. (The outer sleeve w...
Browning 1885 22-250 28in Octagonal barrel as new
Collectors, hunters and shooters, this is a like new and beautiful Browning 1885 in 22-250. It has a 28in octagonal barrel and wood with very nice grain and figure. There are no marks of note on this ...
Browning 1885 Traditional Hunter in 45-70 28in Octagonal!
Collectors and shooters, this is an excellent condition Browning 1885 in the hard hitting 45-70. It has the tradition metal butt plate, rear tang sight and 28in octagonal barrel. It has beautiful wood...
Browning 1895 30-40 Krag 2 gun set Same Serial numbers
This is both the Grade 1 and High Grade Browning 1895 in the hard to find 30-40. These are the same serial number guns and are unfired in original boxes. These will make a ncie addition to any collect...
Browning 22 Auto 67 Belgium Takedown
This is a nice Belgium made Browning 22 Auto. It is a 22LR. It has some use with a few marks here and there but will make a nice gun you can shoot. That makes it a true Shooting Investments. Shipping ...
Browning 22 Auto 68 Belgium near new!
This is a beautiful 1968 Belgium made Browning 22 auto. It is about new. I see no signs of use on the blue and I expect never shot more than a couple rounds. The wood has no marks of note. This will m...
Browning 22 Auto ATD 50’s Thumbweel
This is a Browning 22 Auto made in Belgium in the 50’s. It is used as seen and solid with no bad marks, etc. It will make a nice collectable Browning you can use. Or it could be restored to perfect. I...
Browning 22 Auto ATD 50’s Thumbwheel Exc Cond
Collectors, this is a beautiful Browning 22 Auto. It is serial number 34387 on both the end of the receiver and top of butt plate. It has blond wood with nice grain. Blue shows only light use and wood...
Browning 22 Auto ATD Grade II NIB
This beautiful Browning 22 AutoGrade II was made in 1981. It is an early Japan made Grade II. I believe unfired and it comes in original box. It will make a nice addition to any collection and is sure...
Browning 22 Auto early 60’s Belgium near new!
Collectors, this is a near new all original Browning 22 auto. The blue is perfect. The wood has only a couple insignificant marks. This one was made in the early 60s and noted by the screw attaching t...
Browning 22 Auto Grade II 73 Belgium Angelo BEE!
Collectors, this is Belgium made Grade II 22 Auto. I believe unfired, in original box with beautiful wood. It was signed by master engraver Angelo Bee. Not many Grade II’s are signed and only few are ...