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Browning ’59 Belgium Safari Grade 308 Mauser!
Collectors, this is an early Browning Safari Grade. It is made in Belgium in 1960 on the short ring Mauser action. These are hard to find and this one is in s new condition. I see no marks anywhere. I...
Browning 22 Auto 1975 Exc Cond!
This is an excellent condition Browning 22 Auto. It is an early first year Japan made 22. It was made in 1975 during the transition from Belgium in Japan. It will make a nice addition to your collecti...
Browning 22 Auto 69 Belgium looks new!
This Browning 22 Auto was made in Belgium in 1969. Both blue and wood are like new. I see no marks. If fired, not more than a few rounds. It will make a nice addition to your collection. It is a Shoot...
Browning 22 Auto early 60’s Belgium near new!
Collectors, this is a near new all original Browning 22 auto. The blue is perfect. The wood has only a couple insignificant marks. This one was made in the early 60s and noted by the screw attaching t...
Browning A-bolt GOLD Medallion 30-06
This is the A-Bold in high end Gold Medallion. It has beautiful higher grade wood than the standard Medallion and gold accents and spacers. This one is a 30-06 and has light hunting use. It will make ...
Browning A-bolt Rare 300 Rem Ultra Magnum near new!
Collectors and big game hunters, this is a VERY hard to find A-bolt hunter in 300 RUM. I have had a few in stainless but never even seen another wooden 300 RUM. This one has a 26in barrel and is in ne...
Browning A-bolt Stainless Laminated Varmint 223 NIB BOSS
This is a new A-bolt in the no longer made Stainless Laminated Varmint. It is a 223 Remington and has the heavy target barrel with super rare BOSS. It will have recoil like a pellet gun! It is in its ...
Browning BAR 7mm Grade 4 1971 Belgium ANIB
Collectors, this is a 1971 made Grade 4 Browning BAR in 7mm Remington Magnum. It is new and unfired in with outstanding wood. The box doesn’t have its end label. The exquisitely executed engraving is ...
Browning BAR full 71 Belgium Grade III 300 Mag
Collectors and hunters, this is a Belgium made Grade III in 300 Win Mag. Do not confuse this with later Grade III. This one is a full Belgium gun and hand engraved, not etched. It was made in 1971 bef...
Browning BAR Grade IV 300 Win Mag full Belgium!
Collectors, this is a new and unfired Browning BAR Grade IV. These hand engraved beauties were made in Belgium (not assembled in Portugal). This one was made in 1980. I believe unfired and I see no ma...
Browning BL-22 22 Lever Rimfire NNIB
This is a beautiful Browning BL-22. It is as new in box with all papers. It has a 20in barrel and shoots 22 L and Short. Shipping and insurance is $30 or $18 more if you want it shipped in a new Plano...
Browning BLR Stainless Lightweight in 450 Marlin NIB
This is a hard to find Browning BLR. It is the Stainless Lightweight in the hard hitting 450 Marlin. It has a 20in barrel making it perfect for up close Bear hunting. Or would make a nice Bore gun as ...
Browning Model 53 32-20 NIB with XX Wood!
This is a Browning Model 53 chambered in 32-20. It was made in 1990 and is new in factory grease with manual and original box. And look at the wood! You will look a long time to fine another as nice. ...
Browning Safari Grade 59 Belgium 458 Exc Cond!
Collectors, this is an early Browning Safari Grade in 458 Winchester Magnum. It was made in Belgium in 1959 and looks about new with the Long Extractor. The original rust blue shows no wear. It has th...
Browning Safari Grade 62 Belgium 458 Exc Cond!
Collectors, this is an early Browning Safari Grade in 458 Winchester Magnum. It was made in Belgium in 1962 and looks about new. It is a pre-saltwood ear gun with the Long Extractor. The original rust...